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It puts an emphasis on delivering high-quality music to your ears.

Which Music Player Do You Use?

I am not an audiophile myself so I cannot comment on that but what I can comment on is its amazing syncing and organisational ability. The sync is almost instantaneous. As soon as you add or remove music files from your folder, it is instantly reflected in the app. Personally, I like its organisational structure more than VOX.

4 Best Free Video & Music Player Apps for Mac: 2019

You can create multiple folders and playlists. The UI looks a little dated but is very intuitive and easy to understand. It also supports all the high-res music formats. However, it does not support popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, as they stream music at lower quality. One neat feature is that it also has companion remote app for iPhone and iPad. The app gives you the ability to remotely control the music playing on your Mac. The only reason it is at the second place is its pricing.

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In my opinion, it does not add that much value above VOX to justify its price. However, it has a trial period and you can check it out to decide for yourself. Clementine Clementine is a feature packed open source music player which acts more than just your music player.

5 best music player apps for Mac - DGiT

Apart from Apple music, it seems to support every other platform I have used or even heard of. It also has a remote app for Android phones allowing you to control your music from a distance. All in all, it is a pretty good software for a free one. Install: Free 4.

But that is not the only reason it is on our list. Tomahawk is a pretty different music player app and brings its own unique ability to the mix. It does take some time to this though. However, the main focus of Tomahawk is to become a one-stop solution for all of your music needs. It has plugins for every existing music streaming service provider. You can even listen to music directly from YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Also, it is an open source app which is totally free.

It offers multiple output formats for flexibility and convenience. In addition to that, it automatically detects additional details of the music file. You can also schedule tasks for convenient audio recording. Top 5 Music Players For Mac. Vox As usual, Vox is a music player that can read most commonly used music file formats.

Clementine Another player for Mac, Clementine is a program which deserves to try. Cog Cog is a free music player for Mac that offers simplicity at its best. Download It offers multiple output formats for flexibility and convenience. Rating: 4. Last updated on June 19, Leave a Comment 0 Comment. Please input your name! Please input a valid email address! Please input review content! Submit Cancel Reply. It will likely be everything you expect it to be.

Key features include a skinnable interface, advanced library management, gapless playback, replay gain, built-in web browser, and extensions that can add even more features like integration with certain web services.

Up To 4x Deeper Sound Resolution

The one big downside to Nightingale is that development has slowed down since This open source music player, which was designd to be cross platform from the get-go, was released back in and continues to receive regular updates to this day. Not many people have ever heard of it, which is a shame.

The simplicity of it makes it the closest antithesis to iTunes currently available on OS X. I know there are lots of valid reasons to keep using iTunes. I still use it to manage my podcasts, so I do realize that iTunes has a role to play even despite the bloat and what not. If you have a computer and a Read More from lots of different locations, maybe one of these alternatives might actually play out better for you. Exploring the web players for various Internet radio services to see which ones offer the best experience in the browser.

What good is a great radio selection if the player is frustrating to use? Read More , for example. Which music player do you use on OS X and why? Your email address will not be published. Vox music player has good sound, but I'm cancelling my Premier membership because: 1 I don't know how to use it 2 There is no manual or even the skimpiest set of operating instructions 3 Their "technical help" is a joke.

I can't recall ever having received less useful "help. I appreciate the list but I have no idea how the author can defend anything about iTunes. It is the most poorly designed, unintuitive, and user-unfriendly program I have ever used. So far, Quodlibet is working fine for me.

I have my music on two different external hard drives, and all I want is a player that will play those files and do nothing else. Cog was great when it was working, but the version I had developed some glitches recently, and when I replaced it with a newer version, I no longer had a player that would list the tracks. Everything else I've tried has either not had gapless playback even though they claim to Pine player and Musique , or skips to the middles of tracks or even skips over tracks Songbird or seems set up more to organize your already organized collection before playing anything than just simply playing whichever track or tracks you tell it to play, you know, like a player!!

Other alternatives I've not even bothered to try--the ones who loudly proclaim all the fancy ass organizing and synching capacities they have. That's great if you're into that kind of thing, I guess. Cog did that exceptionally well. I will still keep an eye on them, I suppose.

Experience Immersive Audio

For the moment, though, Quodlibet plays whatever I tell it to play, let's me delete those tracks when I'm done, and accepts the next track or tracks to play without any whinging. At the moment, I'm content. That's a lot of hiccoughs to sit through in less than half an hour. I am looking for an alternative to iTunes as I am fed up with running out of space on my devices. I thought that iCloud would provide the solution but you can't use it for music unless you subscribe to Apple Music and that won't play anything you haven't purchased through iTunes so all the music that has come from other sources needs to have a different player.

I have been adding music to my library since the late s so there is a lot! You also have the problem that my original Apple ID was not an email address as it didn't need to be but when they insisted that you had to have an email address as your Apple ID I was not able to simply change the original Apple ID to an email address I had to have a new one. I have also subsequently had to change my email address due to it being hacked and so have yet another Apple ID as I again could not change my existing Apple ID.

Apple was such an elegantly simple system at the beginning and now they seem to be making it more and more obtuse and costly.

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With constant iTunes upgrades over the past few years the access to my music was encumbered. Old iTunes accounts through other email addresses were dumped. Support was taken away for not going on iCloud. Also, I tubed the use of an iPhone and they locked me out of my iTunes account. Hello Community! I found this article over a year ago after it was posted. Thanks for this. I am a professional dancer and have more than gb of Arabic orchestral and dance music which most is not on iTunes Store and I cannot have it on my iPhone, also have about Gb of classical music organized according to my own organization criteria iTunes also have classical music messed up.

I haven't find yet an ecosystem doesn't matter if its payed that allows me to be off the cloud, on my Mac and my iPhone, with the music organized the wat I want it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Hi, I'm surprised that no one mentioned cog which is much lighter than above. HI Bi! I loooove Vox. Using it on my iPhone and Mac! I tried VOX, it completely sucks! You have to either sign up, or pay for services just to get your library into it.

Its a completely backwards move forcing users to submit to their ways.

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  • Its a shame as the software looked so promising, but it looks like they have just recently done this after getting lots of users onboard and used to their product, then they push out an update and make them pay Its a really shitty move That's unfortunate I have been using it for months now and I really like it. I have a lot of CDs, first cuts from jazz recordings that, in several cases, are pretty rare. ITunes wants for force me into buying, frankly, from their usually inferior selections. I do not care about social media, I do not care what some teenybopper thinks is popular, I think ratings are stupid and adolescent.

    I know wht I like and that's what I want to hear. I just want to play back those recordings without iTunes wanting to "fix," "rearrange," or otherwise do my musical thinking for me. Already last year after an Itunes update the whole library was gone. After reassembling most of it it became scrambled and mixed up. Today it wouldn't random correctly and many songs on albums are missing and albums split into many same albums with a part of the songs. I have no idea how that happened as I not update anymore. Itunes just sucks and I am afraid there is no alternative. VOX is just not right, no correct display and quite basic.

    Not know what to do. Great to find alternatives to iTunes, however a sad state of affairs that few tell you before downloading that old "problem" that it's not compatible with anything before V I cam to your article because I was using iTunes and it kept trying to connect to the iTunes store, but my computer is not online so it couldn't do it.

    Best 7 Free MAC Music Players to Replace iTunes

    So then it left me with a message that it couldn't connect to iTunes store and then stopped working. It simply sat there and wouldn't respond to any buttons at all. It was never a great program, now it is just unusable. My 2 playlists have simply lost a couple albums. I have NO idea where they went. But I see them If I dig deep enough into that cumbersome interface. Over the past couple of days As of a few minutes ago songs 14 thru 91 are gone. What's happening? I also keep podcasts and movies in iTunes.

    Are the any alternatives that will handle everything? Apple's software is often criticized because of its difficulty of use, lack of some interesting functions, or the time it takes to perform the actions that are requested.