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How to Handle a Mac Freeze

How can I force quit? Highlight the application in Red. If there aren't any applications in Red, highlight the application that you were working on and click Force Quit. Close out of the Force Quit Application window, and relaunch the application. If Force Quitting doesn't work, force a shut down using the instructions below: Hold your Mac's power button for several seconds to force it to power down. Once it shuts down, disconnect all peripheral devices such as external hard drives, USB printers, keyboard, and mouse.

Spinning Ball: What's the Quick Fix?

Also disconnect any Ethernet cables. Only leave the power plug connected. Press and release the power button to start up your Mac. It may take up to a half an hour for your computer to boot after a cold shutdown while your computer runs diagnostics and system checks. Logging on again and go into the program that you were having problems with.

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Computer Repairs, Help and Support – Perth

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How do I add or remove Applications and Folders from the Dock? When the Apple logo appears, you can release the Shift key. Wait for your computer to finish running diagnostic tests and repairing the disk and permissions, if necessary.

How to Fix Apple Spinning Wheel of Death (SWOD)

Then, reboot your computer normally to see if Safe Boot resolved your problem. Hold down "Command-R" until the Apple logo appears. When a list of options appears, launch Disk Utility and open the First Aid tab. In the First Aid tab you can verify and repair disk permissions and verify the hard disk. If the hard disk reports any errors, select the repair option to mark bad sectors of the hard disk and attempt to repair corrupted system files.

Try starting your MacBook in single-user mode to run Terminal commands if you were unable to access Disk Utility. Turn your MacBook on and hold down the "Command-S" keys.

Quick ways to get rid of a spinning ball

The command prompts the computer to conduct five phases of repair and then provides you with statistics on your disk use, fragmentation and whether the utility has altered, repaired or fixed any problems on your computer. If you get a prompt that the file system was modified, you need to type the command into the command line again until your disk has been repaired. When you are presented with a list of options, select the "Reinstall OS X" option and follow the prompts to reinstall your operating system while preserving your data.

You should create a backup image of your computer by launching Disk Utility from the list of recovery options, select your hard disk and then click "New Image. If needed, you can use this image to reinstall your entire operating system. As a professional writer, she has written for Education.