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Since Greek has different characters than English, people produced different fonts that used different key strokes for the Greek alphabet.

2. Greek Keyboards

These fonts now called non-Unicode or legacy fonts competed with each other since the Greek written with was not easily transferable to any other font style. Further people just grew accustomed to a particular keyboard layout for typing in Greek.

Both of these reasons pushed Greek users to pick one font and stick with it. The emergence of the Internet revealed the core problem with this legacy system. Not everyone used the same font so web pages would not display legible Greek text for everyone.

Polytonic Greek Keyboard on the Mac

In an effort to standardize all languages for a world computing audience Unicode has been developed. Unfortunately, most Unicode fonts did not include Greek characters with accents. Note - as of the time I write this, the Elpenor site has suffered a breakdown.

Polytonic Greek Unicode fonts

Although the main pages are intact, they do not link to download pages, so few of the fonts can be downloaded from their site until the breakdown has been repaired. I prefer Greek fonts which use a circumflex rather than a tilde for the circumflex accent, a lunate epsilon, and a theta written with a horizontal line. Rollinson, all Rights Reserved. Polytonic Greek Unicode fonts. Shirley Unicode If you see a row of eight accented Greek characters on the left which are similar to the ones on the right not necessarily the same font , then you already have a Unicode polytonic Greek font installed and your computer should be ready to read but not necessarily to write polytonic Greek texts.

Polytonic Greek Unicode fonts Note - as of the time I write this, the Elpenor site has suffered a breakdown. On some non-US keyboards on which deadkeys are commonly used, there are additional locations for some diacritics to match what is familiar to users of those keyboards. A separate page on compatibility collects information about which applications can be used with what features of GreekKeys Instructions about installation and activation are given in the QuickStart documents and in the User's Guide that come with the download, and similar information is provided on the installation page.

Greeks fonts for submitted work

GreekKeys Support Home. GreekKeys License terms for keyboards and fonts. Click here for the new sales and support site. System Requirements of GreekKeys The Windows keyboards work with Windows XP and higher they may work partially or completely in some earlier versions, but this has not been tested and cannot be guaranteed.

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  • Polytonic Greek Unicode fonts!
  • About GreekKeys Unicode 2008.

What does GreekKeys include? PDF of extensive User's Guide.

2. Install the font

PDF keyboard charts showing the layout of the different inputs with the Unicode code point shown for each character. PDF QuickStart document for users who are computer-savvy and have used specialized inputs before.

Greek Fonts

Deprecated OS9-Classic keyboard resources for users still able to run OS 9 in emulation mode or the Classics environment. Deprecated Windows Athenian font for use in browsers only to view GreekKeys-encoded Greek on the internet. Details about Revision B Dec. Minor changes have been made to the QuickStart documents.

Unicode Polytonic Greek Fonts

Version 3. These are accessible as OpenType ligatures in applications capable of displaying such features. In some cases, for display of the dot on the screen, you will need to adjust the line spacing by adding a few points of "space after" with the Format Paragraph command in MS Word.